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Your Career Should Evolve With You

When I was 29 I set out to build the company and career I’d always dreamed of.

I worked tirelessly, through late nights and weekends, jumped through all the hoops, made the requisite sacrifices. And it paid off. At first, it was everything I hoped for: challenging, rewarding, seemingly ever-evolving. It was so good, that most days I walked into work singing. 

But that didn’t last. The methods and strategies that once propelled me forward, became untenable, overwhelming. I was burning out. On the outside I had it all together. I’d achieved my dream. I was successful. 

Privately I was stressed & unfulfilled; the singing stopped.

I was 34 when I fell out of love with being a psychologist.

 I was nearly 36 before I did anything about it.

Years later, I can confidently say that admitting that I was unhappy and having the courage to do things differently, was the best decision of my career – and maybe even my life.

Building a Career on Your Terms

Overbooked, underwhelmed, unfulfilled, it was untenable, unacceptable.

It took a lot of work patience, research,  training, and coaching to build a career on my terms.

And it’s been worth it.

My biggest roadblocks were  the stories I told myself – beliefs, expectations, and fears (can you say imposter syndrome?).

I didn’t want to make a mistake or disappoint others – failure wasn’t an option.

Does this sound familiar?

I’d love to help you!

The women I serve ...

 Like me, you’re ambitious, talented, and driven. Your career is part of your identity. You want to make a difference and build a legacy.

You know there’s a way to be both successful and satisfied professionally. And not only right for you, it’s what’s best for your teams, companies, and clients.

Coaching can help you develop the insights, skills, strategies, and courage to take effective action and the confidence to show up more powerfully and succeed.

While consulting and training can help leaders and companies build better systems, more aware, empowered, and engaged teams to support and elevate women.

It’s a win-win for all.

Ready to do this for yourself and your company?