Working Harder Isn’t Working for Women


Work hard. Now work just a little bit harder. Push the limit. Give more. Do more. Show them how much you care. Let them see how dedicated, driven, and talented you are. For many women, this is the recipe for success – or so they think. Because every woman knows that if you work hard enough you’ll be rewarded. Every woman knows she has … Read more

Trust in the workplace in the #MeToo Era

Working Together

This article was originally posted by Dr. Alessandra Wall and published on LinkedIn.  From recent Bloomberg and New York Time articles, to Tiffany Dufu’s MSNBC interview (shared right here on LinkedIn), to an email I just received from my sons’ school – subject title: “Raising Kids in the #MeToo era” – it looks like the #MeToo movement continues to gain traction, and that’s … Read more

How to Avoid Arguments This Holiday Season (Part II – Engaging w/o Raging)

Do it your way

There are two ways to avoid arguments. Your first option, avoid getting involved altogether. Step out of the way of those verbal jabs and deflect the inevitable baiting the way wonder woman deflects bullets with her Bracelets of Submission. Earlier this Fall I shared 5 tips to successfully avoid the circus in Part I of this article. The second way to be argument … Read more

9 Things You Can Do To Be A Good Ally


“I’m just not sure what I can do about it…” “Listen, I’m not the one [insert discriminating behavior or state]! So what am I suppose to do?” It’s hard to be part of a system that unconsciously yet actively holds people down. It’s even harder, to be the person held back by that system. I think a lot of us recognize that. … Read more

In Her Shoes: How to See the World Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Put yourself in her shoes… can you? In offices, households, schools, and cities all around the world we’re seeing a big push for more empathy (although I’m not sure many people realize that empathy is what they’re asking for). Empathy. It’s a basic human skill, one you might say fundamentally defines our humanity. Empathy is what allows you to care for a stranger, … Read more

How to Avoid Arguments This Holiday Season (Part I – avoiding the circus)

Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season. Theoretically, Thanksgiving is about coming together, joining in a ritual designed to show gratitude and appreciation for what we have and those who have helped us get here. Alas, like most gatherings of family and friends, it’s often the stage for un-winnable political arguments, infuriatingly effective baiting by family members … Read more

Why does therapy work?

Ever wonder why therapy works? Do therapists possess some kind of deep wisdom and knowledge that unlocks your inner soul and dismantles your fears? Is it science, is there a tried and true formula for healing and empowering people? Or is it all bullshit, a placebo effect of sorts? Does therapy work because you believe it will? In my years as a psychologist … Read more

Intersectionality explained: How to come together and remain diverse

Diversity is big business In the world of business diversity is a HUGE agenda item. Companies are bending over backward trying to build more gender and culturally diverse teams. It makes sense: Economically speaking, data indicates that diverse teams are more productive and effective, while companies that have higher numbers of women in leadership are more profitable. From a social standpoint, women now … Read more

The #1 conversation mistake & 5 ways to fix it

Mistakes in Conversation Speak up! You’ll hear me repeat it until I’m blue in the face. Speak up! Say what you mean, ask for what you need, share what you believe. Speak up! Mean what you say, use your own voice, do not censor or edit your message just to please others. Speak up! Because speaking up is the only way to … Read more

Can women really be powerful?

Can women be truly powerful? Yes, we can yield power. And yes, there is power within us. Yet we are limited – and we limit ourselves – in how we express it. Is that then really having power? There’s been much said and written about succeeding as a woman in a male-dominated world, but so much of it seems contradictory. On the one … Read more