Executive Coaching For Women In Leadership

Step Into Your Full Potential

It’s time to build your career your way.

Be valued, own your voice, and make your mark in this world;
be successful and wildly satisfied

Success should feel great!

This week is crazy, last week was worse, and next week doesn’t look much better. 

It’s only Tuesday and already you’re spent. Your schedule is packed with meeting after meeting. Your to-do list is growing, and there’s no time in your day to execute on it. 

You have incredible ideas and insights to share, ambition to spare, and a drive that should get you anywhere you want to go. But here you are feeling stuck, undervalued, overwhelmed, and burnt out; something’s wrong with this picture!

Noteworthy coaching is for women who:

  • Are in leadership positions and want to show up more powerfully and effectively.
  • Are aspiring leaders who need to gain visibility and executive presence.
  • Are transitioning companies or teams and want to articulate your value and be chosen for what you do best & love.
  • Are transitioning careers and feel unsure about the next chapter of your career

You don’t need more inspiration

You need a career that's designed around your needs and your ambition.

You don’t need another to-do list

You need a way to set boundaries and goals that work for you.

You don’t need to work harder

You need the right strategies to show up confidently and powerfully.

Executive coaching with Noteworthy can help you:

Life In Focus

Your Career Your Way

You know that “stupid” grin you get when you talk about a crush? 

You deserve to feel that way about your career too.

Imagine walking into work tomorrow and actually looking forward to your day.

Your schedule is filled with challenging projects that speak both to your strengths and your interests. 

Your colleagues, leaders, and clients know what you bring to the table, and they’re happy to share your name when the right opportunities come up.

You know you’re good enough, without having to be everything to everyone at all times.

You feel confident and in control of your career.

Noteworthy’s executive coaching services were designed for women like you – smart, driven, ambitious – who expect more from life and want to play big. Women who want to make an impact and have all the talent, work ethic, and drive to make it happen.

What will life look like when you and everyone around you recognize your true value?

Get ready to be unforgettable- become the confident, fascinating, successful woman you know yourself to be.



Schedule a Virtual Coffee

Whether you’re looking to schedule coaching for yourself or want to find the best coach for the women on your team, the first step is an in-person meeting.

Let’s discuss your goals, expectations, and whether I am the best person for you.


Choose Right for You

The proposal once we decide that working together is right for you. I will craft a personalized proposal with multiple options to meet your needs.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and join the Life in Focus Coaching family.


1:1 Bespoke Executive Coaching for Women Programs Designed Specifically For You And Your Goals

Most professional women find that meeting twice monthly with texts, emails and minute strategy call in-between session is exactly what they need. Once in a while though, interview or speaking engagement preps call for a more focused and intense coaching schedule. 

One, three, six,  or 12-months, there is a coaching process that’s just right for you.

Ready to find out if coaching is right for you?