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Enjoy the Best Summer Ever – Challenge #2

Then and Now

20150308_160550What are your favorite memories of summer? Mine all go back to childhood. I remember days spent running around the neighborhood with friends, looking for new adventures to take on. I recall nights, spent outside lying in the grass, watching stars and hanging out way past my bedtime. I have visions of family, friends and neighbors coming together in our garden for lunches that spanned the whole day and well into the night.

Nowadays my summers look nothing like that, try as I might. Sure, everyone is a bit more social, we follow the sun and tend to stay up a little later, linger a little longer even on a Sunday nights. Still there is work to do. Chores don’t magically disappear simply because the sun sets later. Our jobs don’t let us out to play all day long, and with school being out, for many, there is the extra responsibility of ensuring the kids are cared for earlier in the day. Despite this, the pressure to recapture those summer days and nights is strong, and so many of us try to fit all those extra summer activities into the small spaces of time not already occupied by daily to-dos. What’s the result? Most adults end up feeling more overwhelmed, tired and stressed rather than relaxed and carefree.

Recapturing that Summer Goodness!

Great, relaxing, inspiring summers don’t need to be a thing of the past. Nor do they require you take two weeks off and run away to an exotic destination. Truth be told, most people who try the latter find that they need a vacation to recover from their vacation. It’s the price to pay for trying to pack a season’s worth of fun into 14 days. Great summers, like any other season of life, require a bit of self-awareness, some planning and a smidgen of action.

A life in focusRemember last week’s post, overwhelmed is a sure sign of not setting priorities correctly, which means that with a bit of thinking and some reorganizing of our time we can rectify this situation. Part of what made those childhood summers so magical is that we did what we wanted to do. Our choices and activities were dictated by our needs and wants. It sure was easier to do that when the only responsibilities we had were to stay alive, get a few chores done, and make sure we were home by dusk, but don’t let that be your excuse to do nothing. Although you have more to-do’s, trust me there is plenty of time to fit in the right want-to’s; we just need to identify them and prioritize them.

Challenge #2 – Follow your dreams!

If you entered the “Best Summer Ever” challenge last week, you have already started to build an essential life skill – the ability to sit quietly for a few minutes and just be. If you haven’t started the challenged, don’t worry, go here, read about it and get to it today. There is no such thing as too late with this month long series.

For those of you who have been working on the 2-5 minute challenge let’s put this time to use. Today when you sit down ask yourself this simple question “What is one thing I would love to do for myself tomorrow?” then allow you brain to picture and daydream about that for a few minutes. Once you have a good sense of what that activity is, find a way to fit it in. If you can’t fit the exact thing in your schedule tomorrow, what is the closest approximation that you could build into your day? Go for it!

Join the “Best Summer Ever” challenge today and make changes that are right for you in just 4 weeks!

And let us know how you are doing, by posting your thoughts and progress on facebook or twitter using the hashtag #thrivinghumans

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