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PODCAST – Life in Focus Episode 13 Lee Selman – Be fascinating, pursue your passions!

Episode 13 Lee

Welcome to Episode 13 of Life in Focus where you get to meet the astounding and ever evolving Lee Selman.

BE WARNED: There is a lot of laughing and giggling in this episode. If you don’t like to hear people laugh, don’t listen. Also Christopher talks and asks questions… It’s a great episode!

Lee is the co-founder of Paleo Treats and ManRabbit (the artist duo with Carla Naden that produced the beautiful piece featured in this post) and a half a dozen other ventures that are no longer part of her day to day interests. Lee has done everything, or almost everything it seems. From waiting tables, to camel handler, and trekking the Sahara with nomads to creating a t-shirt company, Lee approaches life with a fundamental belief that if someone else has done something she can too! With that kind attitude there is no stopping this woman.

Lee, who is lives here in San Diego with her husband Nik Hawks (Episode 8), took the time to sit with us while we talked about entrepreneurship, love, being a woman and the origin of the name ManRabbit (you’ll want to hear this one!). Truth? We recorded about 40 minutes of conversation before realizing that the wrong mic was picking up sound (totally Chris’ fault and he’ll never get to live it down!), so we got to interview her for twice as long as the usual Life in Focus guest; lucky us!


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Take home:

  • “How can anyone really fail at anything, if you’ve tried? Failure is like you’re dead.”
  • Building something great takes time – as long as it works for you, don’t give up!
  • Selfish isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it just means valuing your own time.
  • “Every single person has something that they should be pursuing.”
  • Never let yourself be boxed in!
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About Lee Selman:

Lee Selman

An adventurous spirit, Lee is a professional camel handler by trade and spent time running an expedition company in West Africa in the Sahara. When she’s not running the numbers or strategizing for Paleo Treats Inc she creates art with a partner under the name ManRabbit. She also practices filipino street fighting with stick, sword and knife with Blackline Fight Group in Carlsbad, CA. under the tutelage of Roy Harris.

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