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Episode 17 Sarah Fragoso – Be Joyful!


Ep 17 - Sarah Fragoso

Episode 17 of Life in Focus has us chatting with Sarah Fragoso. Pioneer of the Paleo movement, I first became aware of Sarah through her first series of podcasts which she co-hosted with Chrissy Gower. Together this duo taught me much about how to negotiate the world of paleo as a mother and a woman. Flash forward 6 years and Sarah remains a force to contend with. Her message like the Paleo movement has evolved beyond food to a much larger set of life concepts. So if Paleo’s not your thing, don’t worry, because this podcast is more about life, and how to synch up with what you want out of it than food or nutrition.



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What we talk about in this episode:
    • sarah1Parents fear that they will be responsible for messing up their kids. We need to understand that we can make mistakes and it won’t necessarily have dire consequences.
    • “Happiness […] isn’t a state you have to feel like you’re in all the time [whereas] being joyful  is more, for me, like an action.”
    • Being joyful is a choice, it’s an action to be practiced. It’s a hard, but worthwhile skill to be honed.
    • The last 1/3 is all about how to identify what’s missing for you, what brings you joy and happiness.


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Sarah on Sarah:

sarah gymI am a mom to 3 boys and I homeschool the two youngest ones. The oldest boy is now in college so one down, two to go. I’m also a total badass wife who never complains and I’m always cheerful first thing in the morning, greeting my husband with a hot cup of coffee and a smile (This part is a big fat lie but it’s fun to pretend so let’s just go with it.) My husband and I co-own a gym together, JS Strength and Conditioning, in Chico, CA. I love to train my clients, however, the majority of my days are spent at home with my boys focusing on laughing more than yelling and loving more than loathing. I also happen to be a national best selling author of several books about Paleo nutrition; however, “Paleo” does not define me. Not even one tiny bit, it’s just a chapter of my life – and a great jumping off point for folks not wanting to die from eating crap, lack of sleep, and letting stress rule their lives. I  [also] founded the Everyday Paleo website several years ago.

As I get older, I realize that every year I am redefined, every moment shapes me, every experience molds me into something that I never thought I could be and sometimes in ways I don’t want to be, and often in ways I wish I was before; but that’s what makes me – me. My biggest goal in life is to leave a mark. I want to die rest assured that my kids know just how much I love them. I want to live my life being true to the people who love me the most, like that husband of mine who puts up with me like no one else ever could. I want people to remember me because I helped. I want people to be happier and I want to be happier too, so

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