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Ep. 20 #millennialproblems and other things we talk about when no one is listening

#Millennial Problems

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and hear what others say when they think no one is listening? Well, Episode 20 of Life in Focus is just that, a recording of a conversation between Chris Browning and me; one we didn’t realize was being recorded at the time.

It all began pretty simply, we were talking about a realization I had about several of the Life in Focus followers, and what it means to be a millennial.

We eventually went into why that generation, Chris’ generation, sometimes has such a bad reputation of being narcissistic, entitled and slackers and we may or may not agree… you’ll have to listen to figure it out. Oh, and watch for the language, as I mentioned we didn’t realize the ‘tape’ was rolling initially.


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Talking Points:

  • Millennials complain that they are the first generation to come out of school so incredibly in debt and with no job prospects – they might want to look at European youth who’ve been dealing with at least one of those problems for decades now!
  • Millennials are perceived as narcissistic, entitles and lazy… it’s not their fault, really, blame the parents, blame the old guard!
  • Maybe being a generation of dreamers isn’t such a bad thing, if you only knew how to channel that gift.
  • Quarter-life crisis vs. mid-life crisis, one might be better than the other, both come down to having a clear sense of disconnect between how you’re living and what you want.

At the end of the day, you can say and think what you want about this generation, what I have come to realize is that many of the things we begrudge them might actually prove to be their greatest strengths in the long run. Several of our most recent (yet to be released) guests have been millennials. Between talking to them and working with many clients who fit the generational category I had an epiphany.  Now I am in the process of creating a new life of Life in Focus coaching program inspired by them.

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