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Ep. 23 Setting intentions & creating a guiding principle for your year

Ep. 23 Setting InentionsWhat is the difference between a goal, a resolution, and an intention? Why bother with any of them? That is what this week’s episode (23) of LīF is all about. Chris and I get together and not only define these three terms, but work in the episode to uncover his intention for 2016.

Bottom line, a goal is something specific you are working towards. A resolution is (for all intents and purposes) a random/vague and often unattainable goal that you arbitrarily set at the beginning of the year. An intention is a deeply personal direction and overarching focus you set for yourself. An intention is an expression of your desire to grow and evolve as a human being. It can be expressed through a number of actions or goals, and therefore is not something you fail at simply because you can’t make good on a single action.



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Take home:

  • Resolutions suck!
  • face your fearsIntentions are vastly superior and with my patients I am seeing an immediate improvement in their ability to take action, create change, and follow-through over time.
  • Chris is going to create a meme to express his intention. A little bit like mine right here (which is my computer wall paper, as well as a small poster in my office). Anyone who comes up with a good intention and shares it with us through Life in Focus social media will get a meme created by Chris to use as inspiration for the year to come.
  • My intentions all center around fear and challenging my own fears.

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