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Ep. 24 Be a Conscious Agent of Change – with Jack Butler

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Jack Butler describes himself as a conscious agent of change, and that is exactly what he is trying to help others become. Being an agent of change literally means you strive to create and make a difference in your world. The conscious part refers to the type of change and the people who make it. It’s about being mindful, globally focused, self-aware, integrated, soulful, and being a leader. Sounds good to me, where do I sign up? But seriously, much of what Jack talks about are core values that are reflected in Life in Focus and in the desires you all have to build a life of purpose – whatever purpose means to you.

jack B turnaroundWith Jack we discussed what it takes to create that self-awareness, how one’s needs, priorities and purpose will shift in life; sometimes being achievement driven, and other times insight driven. Jack is a business coach and strategist with a great understanding of human psychology and development. Most importantly he understands that knowing who you are and cultivating personal INSIGHT is central to living well and being able to create big changes in the world.


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Take Home:

  •  A change agent is anyone committed to bringing something better in the world, to being an agent of the evolutionary process, to figuring out how to make it better.
  • It is really important to feel inspired by your clients and the people you work with (heck yeah!).
  • “You can coach or even orient your own life from two different place: one is the question, ‘What is the life I want to create?’ and the other question could be, ‘What does life want from you?'” The distinction may be a developmental one, in the first phase the issues is understanding to what extend someone may want to create/direct their life process, versus allowing their life to unfold the second is about finding to what extent someone wants to allow a life to unfold through them. Both processes are allowed and important!
  • The values of an organization can appear both consciously and unconsciously. As with an individual, learning to look at your actions, to and see what values are represented, allows for an honesty and self-awareness that is part of being a conscious and purposeful entity. It’s about understanding what you stand for vs. what you want to stand for.
  • Never forget that we as humans continue to develop and evolve throughout our life, which means that we can’t use a single framework to define ourselves.

More on Jack:

cropped version brian headshot 3828-sq“I am a social entrepreneur, executive adviser and confidante, author, blogger, international workshop leader and speaker.

My core values are balance, integration, depth, pragmatism, contribution, love and authenticity.

I coach and advise conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and high-impact individuals.  I run online and in-person programmes on personal mastery, conscious leadership and full spectrum development. I convene a global tribe to support those at the integration of lifestyle design, consciousness, personal mastery and social change. I work extensively with the Enneagram, self-awareness practices, personal productivity systems and integral frameworks.

I previously founded Future Foundations, a 7-figure leading UK youth personal development training provider.  Future Foundations now works with over 8000 young people a year in one-day and residential programmes to develop personal responsibility and agency, academic aspiration, leadership and social action.” Read on, Jack’s accomplishments are numerous and inspiring…

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