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Ep. 25 Take Life Where You Want it to Go – with Chef Kat Humphus

Ep 25

Have you ever met someone who seems positively fearless? Someone who (on the surface at least), appears to be truly gutsy and brave? Chef Kat Humphus of Savory Made Simple is that person. At age 18 Kat dropped out of college to attend Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy in Paris. She returned to her native San Diego and became the youngest executive chef in the Cohn restaurant group. She excelled in her trade/art for several years and then had a deep insight about what truly mattered to her. After years of success she dropped it all to open up her own business – and Savory Made Simple was born.

In episode 25 Kat, Chris, and I explore what it takes to pursue your passion, but also how to act fearlessly in the face of doubt, fear, and uncertainty. I’ll share a little secret here: it started with INSIGHT. But what kept it moving forward was her ability to face her fears and take ACTION with a mindset to thrive!

Read to the end for a great gift from the chef for Life in Focus followers.


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Take Home:

  • Fearlessness isn’t about not having fears, it’s about knowing what they are and acting in spite of them.
  • “I was tired of not having the control in my life to go look at windmills all day long, and that was it!”
  • In life, it’s the challenges you face that get you moving. When things get too comfortable, too easy, we accept mediocrity, and adequacy instead of striving for greatness and thriving.
  • Sometimes it’s through the eyes of others that we can best see who we are. In Kat’s case her roommate’s reminder that “everything [she touches] turns to success” was all she needed to trust herself and move forward with Savory Made Simple.
  • Fear of loss keeps us from committing to change and growth. If you are holding back from growth in any area – love, work, hobbies…- ask yourself if your fears are reality based (you actually can’t do it) or loss based (you might commit and fail).
  • Pay attention at minute 35 when Kat shares some amazing wisdom about how to be courageous and thrive.

More on Chef Kat:


” I am a classically trained Chef, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France.

I have worked in Manhattan kitchens under famed chef Wylie Dufresne at WD-50, and also under world-renowned chef Thomas Keller at The French Laundry in Napa.

Upon returning to my hometown of San Diego, I began working under the Cohn Restaurant group umbrella, opening up 3 restaurants as Executive Chef—BO-beau kitchen + bar in 2010, 100 Wines Hillcrest in 2012, and BO-beau kitchen + roof tap in Long Beach in 2014.

I have been honored with the title of Best Chef 2014 by the Peninsula Beacon, in addition to winning Top Female Chef by Riviera Magazine and also Best Local Chef 2012 by Ranch & Coast Magazine.

Now back in San Diego with Kat’s Kitchen Collective, I cannot wait to bring exquisite cuisine to the everyday kitchen. From the kitchens of Paris, New York, Napa, and now…your own home!”


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