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Ep 29 – Take Leap, Act Now




It’s a leap year, and why not use that as motivation to take action, move forward and take a personal leap in life.

There are two main reasons people come to Life in Focus for coaching:

1) They know something needs to change, but they have no idea what it is, and therefore, how to go about making a change. These are the folk who really need to work on INSIGHT. Their first task is to discover what they want/need deep down inside and only then start talking about taking action.

2) The other category of people know what they want to do, but somehow, they are stuck. Stuck because they face ROADBLOCKS that they don’t understand. Stuck because they are scared to take action and make a mistake. Stuck because they want to know for sure that their choices are right, but certainty is unattainable in these matters.

Episode 29 of Life in Focus is about taking action. It’s about taking a leap and committing to the things that you want and need. Chris shares his recent choice to quit his job, and together we explore what it took to overcome his fear, and look at whether it’s panning out for him.


Take Home:

  • There is no such thing as certainty in choice.
  • You can’t know for sure if something is going to work out for you before you try it. If you’ve done your homework (INSIGHT) you can at least be sure that the choices you are making are the right fit for you for now.
  • Right for you is not about following your heart while ignoring the realities and responsibilities of life. Right for you is about expressing your dreams in the most realistic way possible, taking into account every factor of your life.
  • Right for you is rarely impulsive, although taking action on right for you might be.
  • Before you take action, you need to know where you are going. Why did you sign up for the email series? What made you decide to join that gym? What are you looking for as you listen to these podcasts?
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Want to know more about CHRIS? Check out his blog, The Adulterers!
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