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Podcast – Ep. 3 I dream of Zombies

I Dream of ZOMBIES


This week we talk about Zombies, pandemics and the Apocalypse.

Beyond our own interest in the Zombie apocalypse and our chances of survival, this episode explores why there seems to be such a fascination with  post-apocalyptic scenarios across literature, movies and in recent pop-culture.


Take Home

  • Chris and Alessandra are nerds + Chris will not survive the Zombie apocalypse. Alessandra will if she can ditch her kids and husband.
  • The fascination with apocalyptic scenarios is actually not a new phenomenon
  • Fantasizing about the end of the world by zombies might be safest way we can process our own fear of death and annihilation.
  • Dreams of the apocalypse represent a wish to escape our 24/7 always plugged in world.

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