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Ep 31- Be The Change with Tad Parzen


You know that expression: “Be the change you want to see”? Tad Parzen, one of Chris’ mentors, is the embodiment of that saying.

Tad is a civic engineer, someone who has dedicated his life to designing solutions to issues that fundamentally undermine our social fabric. His passion is education and helping create systems that support and elevate our youth. As he puts it, a solid public education is necessary to create an educated electorate and without that we can’t build the other three cornerstones of a successful society.

Tad has been driven by this passion for social change since early childhood, and has tried to pursue it in one way or another his whole life. This is means that at times it was expressed professionally, and others through his personal endeavors. His life and path are great examples of how a single need can be met through a variety of paths and in the end all produce some level of deep satisfaction.


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Take Home:

  • Our world, our society, the quality of our political conversations are nothing more than what we expect or demand of it.
  • Systems are designed perfectly to produce the results that they produce.” If you don’t like the results you are achieving, change the system!
  • The four cornerstones for a successful society are: safety, economic development (opportunity to earn and thrive), health and an educated population and electorate (to make the right choices for the other three to happen).
  • There is no single path to what you want to do, but if you know where you are headed, you can get there with whichever path you are on now.
  • Know what your ideal looks like, but don’t wait for the ideal to materialize in order to act.
  • Resilience is the critical characteristic necessary to thrive.
inforgraphic imageSpeaking of change, have you check out the latest infographic from Life in Focus? It’s all about figuring out where you are in your stages of change. 

Click on the image to get to the larger interactive version (if you click on bubbles at the bottom of the page to get the resources you need).

More on Tad Parzen:

Tad is a civic engineer, he is entrusted to design solutions to issues that are persistent, complex and significantly undermine our social fabric. He is someone who is actively engaged in creating a better world and elevating not only our standard of living, but our standards.

Tad works mostly in youth development, an area he feels really should be our focus right now. He strives to realign current resources with the strategies we use to attain the ultimate goal – an educated, informed, empowered and autonomous youth.

Tad’s passion for activism, change and global leadership started in his childhood and grew with him. As a child, an early adult and now a man he lives true to what matters for him. He has found ways both in his personal and professional worlds to embody that drive for change and proactive shifts.

Finally, Tad is a great example of resilience, and the importance of building  resilience to thrive despite hardship.

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