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Ep 34 – The Six (6) Fundamentals of a Balanced Life


Ah life, it has a way of keeping you on your toes (and always just on the brink of stumbling forward and falling face first onto the ground). It doesn’t have to be that way, but somehow we seem to do it to ourselves; for as much as we may say we are busy, busy is a choice. I don’t mean to pontificate, I fall prey to the curse of busy just as much as the next person.

In today’s episode, Episode 34 of Life in Focus, Chris and I talk self-care, or the lack thereof. We both share our blunders with prioritizing ourselves, and discuss the steps we try to take (sometimes fail to take) to restore balance and regain control over our day-to-day.

Chris and I both agree, there is no single right way to do it. We also both have specific markers of overwhelmed that we watch for, signs that we can no longer pretend that busy isn’t becoming unhealthy.

In this episode I share the six (6) fundamental areas that need to be addressed to maintain balance, and give you a quick mnemonic to remember them. So grab a pen while you listen and take some notes on how to create balance in your day-to-day.

On a side note: The timing of this episode could not have been more perfect, as I took a sick day today from my therapy practice. I’m not one to miss work because of illness, unless my ability to think clearly is impaired or I am horribly contagious. A bad cold, combined with too many nights of not enough sleep because of the work I’ve been putting into LīF, made it so that today I would have been a less than stellar listener and a poor psychologist. This is just the capper on what has been six months of slowly chipping away at my self-care – getting to the gym once a week is a feat, late nights in front of the computer, not enough time with friends… you get the picture, I just gave up on three of the six fundamentals of good balance.

I’m not glorifying being busy, this is certainly not a “look at me I am soooo important, because I am doing so much.” Rather, it is a reminder that even in the pursuit of the things we love we can get caught-up in unhealthy habits, and forget to meet our needs. Actually, one of the things we discuss with Chris is the fact that it is often the things we are most passionate about that we are willing to compromise ourselves for.


As you listen to this episode try to answer the following questions for yourself:

  • What activities, responsibilities or ‘things’ are most likely to put you off-balance and off track with self-care?
  • What markers or signs do you consistently use to let you know when you’ve dropped the ball on yourself?
  • What does self-care mean to you?
  • Once you know what PADRES is (listen to the episode) how well are you doing with it?


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