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Ep 38 – Tough choices, difficult conversations and daunting changes


Ep 38 TWDispensing advice and helping others figure out what’s right for them is easy, taking that same advice and applying it to your own life… not so  much.

Working with people to help them feel and live better can be grueling at times. One perk of the job, however, is that you are constantly reminded of your own advice, and you get to see the benefits in action. It is hard to be all talk and no action without feeling like a hypocrite.

This past week I took a cue from my patients and my clients. I was inspired by their courage and drive to finally take action on something I had been putting off for six months.

In episode 38 of Life in Focus, Chris and I explore why it is that we can know what is right for us, yet fail to act on that knowledge. We look at why personal insight is so hard to achieve, and talk about the universal roadblocks that stand in the way of change when taking action means confronting a difficult choice.

[bctt tweet=”If you seek certainty in outcomes before moving into action, you will forever stay stuck. ” username=”lifenfocus”]

We both acknowledge that to make changes and have the honesty to examine oneself requires an incredible amount of courage and integrity, and I  share three truths to bare in mind to stay motivated with moving forward with change.

Tough choices, hard conversations and daunting changes; this episode deals with how to move forward with these things.





  • Even the most insightful and knowledgeable person struggles to act on what they know is right for them.
  • Distress (feeling sad, angry, stressed, irritated, anxious…) signals the need for change. Never avoid distress, never ignore your feelings; it won’t end well.
  • Change requires courage.
  • Why do people avoid taking action: 1) it’s hard work, 2) the outcome is uncertain, 3) it breaks the status quo!
  • If you seek certainty in outcomes to move into action, you will forever stay stuck. There is no certainty, only possibility. You can not wait to be certain of an outcome to move into action. Doing so will keep you perpetually stuck.
  • The most common outcome of failure is a return to your previous baseline.


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