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Ep 43- Level Up! Part II

Level UP!2
This is part II of our Level Up Episode- Learn about small changes you can make in love and happiness to get to the next level and THRIVE.

Small changes can have a huge impact. Yet, we often ignore the smaller steps we can take in favor of big shifts, long-term goals and fancy transformations.

At Life in Focus INSIGHT is king. All my experience as a psychologist tells me that if you don’t understand what you need, if you are unclear about who you are, then the choices you make and the path you take in life will be less than fulfilling. Insight is necessary for change to be right for you.

(Choices+Action) x Insight Right for you

When your choices and your actions are informed by true insight about who you are/what you need, then you create a life in focus, a life that is right for you.

Over the next two episodes of Life in Focus, Chris and I invite you to take action and level-up your life TODAY by implementing small changes that will create big shifts.

Together we suggest three actions you can take today in each of the following areas:

  • Health
  • Productivity
  • Love
  • Happiness
This episode is about making small changes everyday to get big upgrades in your life over time.

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Listen to Part I of this Episode : HERE


  • In love give this a try: make eye contact… seriously it may be the most intimate thing you do on any given day. For two other easy changes you can make listen to this week’s episode.
  • Happiness has a lot more to do with your mindset than your circumstances
  • Check out the Manifest Yourself Challenge is a quick way to learn more about yourself and level up your choices this summer.
  • Get your questions answered! We are going to be hosting monthly Q&A podcasts! What do you want to know? What help, advice or inspiration can we provide you? drwall@noteworthyinc.co Ask away!

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