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Ep 44 – Lost & Found

Ep 44 postLet’s talk about the most exciting, useful and self-defining document you can create to thrive and never feel lost again.  

A year ago a few questions from a perceptive friend, and the right space of mind lead me to redefine who I was. In a matter of minutes I had created one of the most important documents I would draft that year. My manifesto is a declaration of the most important aspects of who I am, a promise to myself to stay true to the values that I uphold, and a vision of the woman I want to become.

When I feel stuck, unsure or lost all I need to do it look back upon the words I wrote and everything becomes clear. The directions I need to take, the nature of who I am, it is all there.

In this shorter episode 44 of Life in Focus I talk about the events that lead me to write my manifesto last year, and invite you to join me this summer in the Manifest Yourself challenge.

The challenge runs for six weeks during which you will receive a weekly question to answer. The questions are designed to help you gain insight into your needs, values and hopes. Armed with this insight you will have the basic building blocks to create your very own manifesto. Finally, I’ll share specific ways in which you can use your manifesto to improve your fulfillment and thrive on a daily basis.

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