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Ep 46 – IMPACT : staying in love with what you do w/ Ana Ottman

Life in Focus Episode 46
Do you know what kind of impact you have on your world and your business? Knowing your IMPACT can help you stay in love with what you do, and keep that sense of purpose and value flowing in your life.

Watch out listener! This episode is double the info, double the insight and could be divided in two very important messages.

The first has to do with the IMPACT that being a women has on how we conduct our business and how we see ourselves personally and professionally. As much as we might want gender equality to be a reality, the fact is doing business as a women is very different (not necessarily worse or better) from doing business as a man. Ana Ottman has made a career of helping women express themselves in their businesses without fear, shame or moderation.

The second half of the episode explores this issue of IMPACT on a broader scale, looking at how understanding the impact you have on your clients and followers can help you stay in love with what you do and rediscover purpose and passion in your career.

Episode 46 of Life in Focus takes a look at women’s voice in business through the eyes and experience of writer, copy editor and business woman Ana Ottman.

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  • “Most women have stories, ideas, messages inside of them that they’re not sharing for a variety of reasons… fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success!”
  • We can’t have a positive forward looking society in which half of the people are not fully themselves!
  • To know yourself, to understand your impact and your value, allows you to not only build but find purpose in your life.
  • Is the value you are bringing into the world the value you want to bring?

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More on Ana

Ana Ottman - Ep 46 Life in FocusI’m a writer living in Los Angeles.

As a literary fiction writer, my short stories focus on themes of womanhood and self-determination and have appeared in award-winning literary publications including The Rumpus and Eclectica Magazine. I serve as the associate fiction editor for the literary culture site, The Nervous Breakdown. At the moment, I’m working on a novel based on my Italian great-grandparents’ marriage.I’ve led feminist communications projects since 2003. My work background includes lobbying for federal funding to combat violence against women, coordinating operations for pro-choice Democratic women political candidates in the U.S., and managing a copywriting agency that served women business owners.

I received a B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, and an M.A. in Public Policy and Women’s Studies. On a daily basis, I’m searching for answers to life’s big philosophical questions at the same time as I’m obsessively tracking the details.

Come, take a seat next to me and tell me how you, too, want to change the world.

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