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Episode 15 Brock Armstrong – the person with the most stories wins!

Podcast 15

Welcome to Episode 15 of Life in Focus! Our guest this week is a professional podcaster, until recently the voice behind Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint and Ben Greenfield’s podcasts, Brock Armstrong is also responsible for producing the Dave Asprey, Abel James and Katy Bowman’s podcasts to name a few. Brock was also the very first person to interview me in a podcast.

Although it’s just plain fun to put the man behind everyone else’s podcasts in the spotlight, the reason we wanted to host Brock is that he is a true renaissance man. A former ballet dancer, actor, musician in a Celtic band, and renaissance fair banjo player, his current titles include podcast producer and host, audiobook engineer, videographer, web and email developer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, athletic coach, and wannapreneur. Clearly, Brock is a man who knows that you can reinvent yourself countless times in your life.  His philosophy? “Whoever dies with the most stories wins.”

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Take home:
  • On trying new things: There is always another opportunity out there, so there’s no real risk in trying new things.
  • If you want something, ask for it. The worst that can happen is nothing changes.
  • “Don’t get so hung up on the outcomes or the goal that you are afraid to make mistakes or fuck-up.”
  • “I feel confident in myself as a human on this planet who has every right to do what any other human does.”
  • brock 90sCheck out Brock’s AMAZING Canadian Celtic 90’s videos. 1, 2 and because they rock 3.
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About Brock:


Brock Skywalker Armstrong produces and co-hosts the twice weekly Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast and narrates the audio versions of the popular Marks Daily Apple blog posts. He also engineers the Primal Blueprint and Primal Endurance podcast, Endurance Planet podcast, Obstacle Dominator, Katy Says and SEALfit’s Unbeatable Mind podcast. He also provides support, video editing and music/fx for Bulletproof Radio, and The Fat Burning Man.

Brock has also produced several Audiobooks including the best selling book, Primal BlueprintThe Primal Connection and The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation (Mark Sisson), Beyond Training and 10 Ways to Grow Tiny Superhumans(Ben Greenfield), Death by Food Pyramid (Denise Minger), Unbeatable Mind (Mark Divine),Paleo Girl (Leslie Klenke), Fruit Belly (Romy Dollé), Primal Prescription (Doug McGuff and Robert P Murphy), The South Asian Health Solution (Ronesh Sinha), and Life After a Bypass(Richard Blakeborough).

run brockAbout Brock as a coach:

Currently I am a Marathon and Triathlon Coach, Team in Training certified (running) by Jack “Tupper” Daniels himself. I am also a certified AFLCA Group Fitness Leader with a designation in Portable Equipment (trained by Marjorie O’Connor). I am also a NCCP and CAC Triathlon “Coach in Training”.

My history as a professional dancer (trained at the Alberta Ballet and Royal Winnipeg Ballet) gives me a unique understanding of the body and how it moves… and doesn’t move.

Want more Brock?
Frozen Puck – Brock in the Audio World
Skywalker Fitness – Brock in the Physical World
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