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Episode 8 – Decide What Kind of Life You Want with Nik Hawks

Episode 8 - Decide What Kind of Life You Want with Nik Hawks

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Life in Focus Podcast, where we talk about what it means to thrive, and the difference between doing what’s right, and doing what’s right for you.

This week we interview Nik Hawks, co-founder and operator of Paleo Treats, and all around kick-ass human being. Nik is someone who very early on understood what it takes to cultivate real wealth in one’s life. He is one of the boldest people I know. He is a great example of how it is not only possible to pursue what you want in life, but how much it pays off to just do it!


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Take home:

  • Once you decide what kind of life you want, there is little choice to how you live it; follow your heart!
  • There are a lot of shoulds out there that don’t help you get what you want. Too many people operate by those shoulds rather than asking themselves what they want.

“There is this idea of what you should do, and there is this idea of what everybody does, it is really tempting to tell folks you should live this wild life or you should follow your dreams or you should follow your power […] I think the only way that you learn something is through your own experience.”

  • You have a choice on how you want to view the experiences in your life, the more experiences you have, the easier it is to gain flexibility in your ability to exercise that choice.
  • There is potential and intent, whether or not you fulfill your potential depends on your intent.
  • Listen I could go on with these points, every two sentences of this podcast there is a gem, a take home message worth sharing. Just listen to it!

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 About Nik:

NH is one of the founders of the dessert company Paleo Treats and a dyed in the wool believer in learning the hard way.  A weirdo magnet and proud of it, he’s cured himself of allergies to dogs through affirmations, sailed a small boat on stormy seas and he keeps himself sane by running up a local mountain every weekend.  He spends his most valuable time with his wife and dogs, with the leftovers going to running single track on the loneliest trails he can find and seeking out hard, cold, and uncomfortably wet experiences.

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