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Forget “MOIST”, I hate the word “HACK” (a rant)


I apologize to all my fellow entrepreneurs, the ones with great ideas and even better approaches to helping the rest of us tackle the world efficiently, but I HATE THE WORD HACK.

Every time I come across an article that talks about “hacking” your way into life/sleep/love or anything of real importance, I petulantly refuse to read it. I have snubbed conference speakers who use the work hack in their presentation titles, even when I know them to be amazing experts. I can’t stand the word hack, because it assumes someone is going to teach you how to cut corners and quickly waltz through a problem that up until then was big enough that cutting corners simply. Hasn’t. Worked!

I hate the word hack because people who provide ways to “hack life” rarely teach their readers/listeners/viewers to look past the symptom, beneath the surface, and into the real root of the problem. I have issues with treating symptoms rather than solving problems.

I hate the word hack because it is in every fifth article or post I come across online, and is usually surrounded by a bunch of other articles that enumerate the 3-10 ways you CLEARLY haven’t yet thought of solving that problem (but that is another peeve of mine, the list post).

Really? I think not!
Really? I think not!

You can’t hack life, or sleep or your diet. You have to figure it out; understand what you want and need, and what’s keeping you from getting there. After all, you’ve read all about the “10 ways to sleep like a baby,” “7 ways to stick with your diet” and “5 top reasons you’re not achieving your dreams” – you have all the knowledge necessary to treat the symptom. But if you don’t understand the problem, the barriers or your personal hang-up, no hack and no list is ever going to make a damn difference…


On another – and not initially planned note – if you are interested in finding out why all those hacks and lists aren’t solving your problem, take a look at the Change of Heart Course. It was actually designed to help you get to the bottom of the issue so you can overcome obstacles and move forward with your goals.

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