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Ep 50 – Know Thyself (A Glimpse of LīF)


Welcome to Part 2 of “A Glimpse of LīF” – Life in Focus’ first mini-series.




Every week “A Glimpse of LīF” shares the story of a real person, and guides you through the journey they  took to create changes that were right for them.

Listen to the episode for the sake of the story, or embark on your own journey. At the end of the show, I will share a strategy and an assignment to help you create and reach a goal of your own.

This week’s episode: “Know Thyself” discusses the difference between wants and needs. Being able to identify both and distinguish one from the other is the key to making changes that won’t leave you feeling lackluster or unimpressed after the newness wears off.

Can you name two or three basic needs you have (not food, shelter or love, go beyond those)? Do you know the best way to express those needs given your life, circumstances and personality?

Those are the kind of questions we cover in this episode.

Remember to listen to the end to hear this week’s assignment, and don’t miss an episode – subscribe to the podcast and get a reminder in your inbox every week.

Did you miss the last episode?We’ve got it right here!
Dream a Little Dream – A Glimpse of LiF Part 1

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