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How to stay Motivated and On Track with Your Goals

Ever find yourself wondering why you’re just not that motivated to achieve a goal you think you really want?  The question came in the webinar yesterday: “How do I stay motivated with my goals?” and “Why do we lose motivation with them in the first place?”

Sometimes it feels like the one thing that stand between us and our goals is simply finding motivation. As one attendee of the “Out of My Way!” webinar put, not being motivated meant she couldn’t choose a path to follow, it made her “feel like a butterfly, fluttering here and there but never settling on anything.”

For many Life in Focus clients loss or absence of motivation is a key factor in feeling stuck. Which means that I am often asked what to do to recover motivation, or why it disappeared in the first place.

The truth is that motivation comes easily when you’re engaged in something that is truly meaningful. Simply stated,  when you understand what you want and need you can create goals and pursue activities that aren’t just right, but right for you, then motivation, action and success come naturally.

Note, it’s not about finding goals or activities that are fun, but rather, it’s about making sure that what you pursue makes sense to you. When you understand why you do what you do, and what you value and need, barriers disappear, your life comes into focus, and tackling the to-do that are needed to get you to you want-tos suddenly isn’t quite as hard.

Take Coach Emily Reynolds:

fcade2_40d1604bde254654badc4a3bb7a4488b.jpg_srb_p_324_251_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 Emily and I met at PrimalCon (a 5 day Primal retreat in Mexico) in the Spring of 2014. I was there as a guest speaker and she came as an attendee. Emily and her husband were both clearly fit, healthy and driven individuals, yet she approached me during the retreat to discuss working together on eating and lifestyle goals.

The people I work with are smart, resourceful and driven, but even the best of us sometimes need help staying focused and on track; ask any athletic coach who is also an athlete, they too have their own coaches to help them stay on track and maximize their gains.

Emily is the owner and head coach of My Lean Body Boot Camp and a pro at helping other women get fit, healthy and transform their bodies and lives, but she had been struggling since participating in figure competitions with habits she wanted, no, needed to change. These behaviors were preventing her from being the best athlete she could be and created stress in her personal and professional life.

Emily had all the know how in the world to succeed, but she really struggled to stay motivated and on track. She and I worked one-on-one using the real Wealth Equation process. In orer to make lasting changes, changes she could maintain over time, Emily learned to reframe her goals not just as something she needed to do, but as something she wanted to do. How? By helping her get a better sense of what she wanted out of life, and by creating an understanding of how reaching her goals would not only contribute to making her healthy, but also feed into her larger values and needs, we were able to create the right steps for her.

It took us only 4 weeks of coaching to get her back on track, and as of today she has maintained those successes. Here’s what Emily had to say during our check-in a month after our last coaching session:

fcade2_eebc13f4a74c420fb193d25ee2f31dc5.jpg_srb_p_159_238_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 “Thank you so much for your help!  I am doing really well.  I feel so much more stable, and I am getting leaner and feel good. My energy is back on track for the most part and I am working to keep my stress down.  Working with you has helped more than anything I have done in the past. I have worked in person and over the phone with others including someone who specialized in competitors, and nothing that we did even compared to what I got from working with you. Setting up the right goals and actions to do each week was the best thing; it kept me focused and actively working on what I wanted to accomplish.”

Motivation to push through the hard times and to stay on track with her goals didn’t magically appear. It came because Emily was able to understand what she needed and valued and then created smaller steps and larger goals that reflected those needs. That and the added support of having someone keep you on track was all she needed to get in 4 weeks what she had been working on for 2 years prior to Life in Focus.

Wondering how you can get and stay motivated?

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