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Invisibility is Killing Women’s Careers

If you had a superpower, what would it be?



The women I work with are Wonder Women.

They show up day in and day out to tirelessly reach their team’s goals, their company benchmarks, and of course their own very high personal standards.


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman deflecting a bullet


Most clock in early and leave late to make sure they meet all those expectations. Every single one of them is super educated, highly skilled, and for the most part pretty successful.

And there’s the rub, the use of that work “pretty” because with the number of degrees and certifications they have, the years of experience, the high quality work, and the outcomes they produce they should be extremely (not just pretty) successful.

The thing with being a superhero is that you don’t always get to choose your powers. And these women have one power that works against them…


Seriously these women do so much for their companies and clients, but too often they do it all without being seen or noticed, which also means they do it without being fully appreciated or rewarded.


Lack of visibility is destroying women’s careers!

Leaders aren’t chosen because they’re the most successful people in the room.
Promotions aren’t given based on your performance alone.
Jobs don’t go to the best candidates.

Leadership opportunities, promotions, the best projects, and most prestigious jobs go to the women who are most capable and BEST KNOWN.

Without visibility you can be the most competent, effective, hardworking, deserving, skilled, senior woman in the room and you might still get passed up.


“A study by Jennifer Glass and coauthors in 2013 found that women leave STEM fields at dramatically higher rates than women in other occupations. […] The highest-profile losses in tech are those at the senior level. These women often are less satisfied with their careers, perceive that they are unlikely to advance at their current organizations, or believe they must change jobs in order to reach the next level.

As one technology executive has explained to us, “We have some very capable women in the middle management and junior VP levels, but they leave our firm to advance their careers as they continually get passed over for promotion.” 
“To Succeed In Tech Women Need More Visibility”, Correll & MacKenzie
HBR, 2016


Visibility is the MOST important factor associated with professional success and compensation

Visibility is vital to your career progress and transition into leadership roles.

“Being visible at work allows employees to demonstrate their skills, be known to decision-makers, be assigned to important projects and build relationships across the organisation.” [hrzone].

For women this is crucial and according to Mel Robbins the #1 indicator of whether or not you are going to get paid more is your visibility


How to become unforgettable

In theory, becoming more visible is simple:

  1. Speak up – whether it’s voicing your opinions and sharing your ideas in a meeting, or raising your hand for those hairy project that scare you but will catapult your career because they’ll showcase your value. Visibility is gained when you make yourself heard and actively position yourself to shine
  2. Show up – Build visibility by showing up across your professional landscape. That means going to the right meetings (not all the meetings that would just be exhausting and counter-productive), attending networking events, sharing your ideas and thought leadership on LinkedIn, in articles, white papers, as a member of a panel or a keynote speaker
  3. Own it – Own you value, your impact and your greatness. If you’re not clearly and confidently articulating what you bring to the table, how is anyone supposed to know how amazing you are. You probably think your work should speak for itself, and it does in some ways, but the people who are responsible for advancing your career aren’t just evaluating your, but dozens of other people as well. You are one of many. That’s why its YOUR responsibility to tell them what you can do for them and why you’re the best woman for the job.

In practice, it can be challenging to go from invisible to unforgettable; especially for women because so many of us are socialized to stay out of the limelight.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get there and shine. It does mean that for many of us it requires a bit of emotional stretching, and a willingness to lean into practices and strategies that will, at first, feel uncomfortable.

That’s why we created Your Career Your Way, a career accelerator designed to help women go from invisible to unforgettable.

Learn to articulate what right for you looks like, build a brand that showcases your value, your impact, and your unique personality, develop a clear process and a plan to grow your social capital, and create a strategy to show up as a thought leader in your field, and of course, build success with powerful self-care practices that will shield you from burnout.

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