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Are you a “life procrastinator?”

Life ProcrastinationT

Life procrastination.”  You won’t find in the dictionary, but it’s not a novel concept either. “Life procrastination” is that tendency to put off living well and pursuing dreams until the perfect conditions materialize. It’s that thing you do when you say, “I’ll go to the gym,” “take that art class,” “read that book,” or “plan that trip” when things settle a bit more.

Step away from perfection:

I was fortunate enough to speak at Paleo f(x) 2015 in Austin on the concept of Real Wealth. My goal was to show the audience how to use an idealized scenario (winning the lottery – the perfect set of circumstances) to build insight, and then use that insight to create goals that they could pursue now. It’s the same principle I use with the Focus Map, and it works. It’s about moving away from the perfect mentality to a good enough mentality with the purpose of creating greatness in your life.

It was exhilarating and validating to hear this message echoed in the presentations of several other speakers. The message going out to the world is strong and consistent. Stop putting off living your life. Stop waiting for the perfect conditions to materialize to make time to find yourself!

Two speakers who impressed me when delivering this topic were Sarah Fragoso and Hilary Bromberg because they shared a clear call to action. Sarah talked about looking at one’s life from the deathbed and asked what regrets you might have. Using that insight, she encouraged the audience to craft choices and take action. Hilary presented on eliminating scheduled play dates, date nights and bucket lists, stating passionately that we have a tendency to live restricted lives under the pretenses of not having enough (time, money, energy…). She is firm proponent of free range parenting, spontaneity in love and eliminating schedules all together.

But, it’s not the right time!

I keep hearing people talk about the right time to do something, but what they are actually waiting for is the perfect time. The perfect time, however, won’t come. The reality of life is that it’s complicated; there will always be something – another task, another chore, another event, or stress standing between you and the perfect conditions. If you wait for all those things to pass before moving forward with your life, you’re going to end up on your death bed wishing you hadn’t waited so long to live.

There is such a thing as the right time, or a better time to move forward with a goal or a dream, but honestly most people can’t identify that. So there’s only one real solution. Just move forward with your life, figure out a way to make what you want happen, despite your current circumstances and taking into account all your limitations.

What are you going to do about it TODAY?

As much as I love writing, I’m not just posting for the pleasure of the craft. I use my writing to coach and inspire action. Taking that first step can be challenging, but there are many ways to act well and act now!

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To the Parents out there:

As a parent, this tendency to put off living is prominent. Knowing this, I created the Thriving Parent Package. This content/community/coaching bundle is based on direct feedback from moms and dads, who love being parents, but feel overbooked and underwhelmed and long to live rich and personally fulfilling lives.

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