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I Don’t Want a Coach: 4 Reasons I Would Never Hire a Coach

Don't want coachEveryone could use a coach. Whether athletic, life or business, coaches are a pretty useful member of any team. A coach is there to provide perspective, strategy, a game plan, and an external source of accountability. Above all, a coach creates structure so you can focus on what you need, and put in the work that is necessary to reach your potential.

No one would ever doubt the value of a coach in athletics… but when it comes to life there are tons of people who don’t think a coach could be of use to them. I would take offense, except that I shared a lot of the same skepticism. It took me a long time before I was willing to cough up the money, give of my time, and take the chance that someone else was qualified to help me get where I needed to go.

Why I would never hire a coach:

1. It’s too expensive:

This is one of the most common reasons people give for not hiring a coach. Money matters, and if you think that a coach is too expensive chance are you’re right. Some coaches charge in the high four to low five figures to work with a client for six-12 months, few of us have that kind of money to spare. Personally, with a house in San Diego (the market here is ridiculously expensive), two kids, and a new business shelling out thousands of dollars for a coach felt selfish, wasteful and reckless. Good thing for me, the vast majority of coaches charge reasonable fees, and will offer services that range from individual work, to more affordable groups or even super affordable self-paced courses and kits.  But if the fee still feels too high, it probably means one of three things:

  1. They are actually out of your price range. It wouldn’t be smart to put yourself in debt for what is, ultimately, not a necessity. Most coaches have information to share freely through a blog, online content libraries and email series
  2. You can afford them, but you don’t recognize the value they provide. Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. If you don’t see the value in making that investment then you probably shouldn’t put the money down, because you won’t be invested (pun intended) in the process.
  3. You’ll approach it from a place of skepticism and frustration rather than being open to it, which is certainly not the attitude your coach wants you to have when working with them. You can afford it, but it feels like a big move. I completely get this. I struggled with the same anxieties and stress when it came to business coaching and strategists. More times than not, the short-term sacrifices I made to work with a specific coach paid for themselves in spades; but that initial financial hit was rough. At the end of the day, it really comes down to what you decide you’re going to prioritize.

2. Who’s got the time?

Good point! Time is your most precious commodity. There is no time-credit, no way to make back time, and no fund where you can invest time and see it grow. Most of us are already so busy with work, social engagements, family responsibilities, and every other aspect of life that trying to fit yet another person (coach) in our lives is madness. Of course, maybe if we had a better idea of what we really wanted to do with our time, and we had the necessary skill set to stay on track with the things we say matter to us, maybe then time would be less of an issue. Another funny thing with time, is that we have it, it’s a matter of choosing how we spend it. In my case hiring a coach ended up saving me time (read more about it later in the piece).

3. I had no idea what a coach could do for me:

Never hire someone if you don’t know what they do or how they can add value to your life. This is a business, not a charity, go spend you hard earned cash and your precious time elsewhere. If you have no idea what a coach can do for you, but you are curious, still don’t hire one. Instead, start by asking yourself what area of your life you want to improve, and why. Then, go do a search on the wide world of the web, or among your friends, and check out several coaches to see what they specialize in.

Different coaches have different values. I, for example, am really good at helping people understand what they want and need, so that they can create focus in their lives (insight). I am also excellent with helping people see and overcome their roadblocks – or as I like to call it, get out of their own way. I’m the coach you go to when you feel like your life is not all it could be, but you’re not sure where to go or how to improve it without wasting too much time or effort on random things. Tara Gentile, who we interviewed for the podcast, is a business strategy coach. Her forte is doing what I do, but for a business. She’s the person you hire when you are trying to develop and grow a business and need on point information about marketing, incredible support with strategy, and a framework to structure your efforts in business. Cinnamon Prime, is a Mindset Coach and she works really well with people who need to shift gears and get serious with their health. Coach Prime is the person you see when you want to become all around healthier and you understand that it takes more than a workout schedule or a meal plan to get and keep you on track.

See what I mean? If you don’t know what you need to change, and you don’t know what people can really do for you, then you should ABSOLUTELY NOT be hiring a coach.

4. I can do it on my own:

I am a smart, resourceful and driven individual. You are too, I know this because you read this blog. So why would you hire a coach to do something you could figure out on your own?Personally, there were two answers to this question. First, to save time. Although I am fully capable of acquiring all the knowledge I need, organizing that information, and figuring out how to apply it effectively so that it meets my particular set of needs, it is much easier, and eventually cheaper to work with someone who has done all the ground-work in advance, and had the expertise to guide me. In business for example, working with Tara Gentile to define Life in Focus, and later Breann Dyck to create the structure of the LīF Program saved me at least a year if not more of work on my own.

The second reason hiring a coach even though you can do it yourself makes sense is insight, and I knew this from being a psychologist. We humans get caught up in our own worlds. It’s extremely useful, and sometimes necessary, to have an outsider’s eye on us. A coach can push you to look at things you want to ignore, enable you to see things you were unaware of, and show you possibilities you never dreamed were possible. Having a coach work with me allowed me to shift my mindset, try new things, and see myself and the world differently – that was instrumental and necessary to get where I needed to be. There were so many things I avoided that I never knew I had resistance to.

I am sure there are a myriad of other reasons people opt out of coaching, although my experience speaking with friends, clients, and members of the Life in Focus community tell me that my four objections are also the most common ones out there. What’s kept you from working with a coach? I’d love to hear about – share you answer in the comment section!

For anyone who has wanted coaching but hasn’t yet given it a try:

I’ve got a little something that can address all four of these objections, The Excited About LīF Sweepstake! To celebrate the launch of LīF I am giving away a full LīF coaching series and two LīF Insight kits, as well as 11 other prizes. LīF Kits are the stand alone versions of my coaching program, which means you can do them on your own time. The Sweepstake give you a chance to get it for FREE, taking care of the money issue and you know what I do and what value I can add.

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