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Passion and madness – HEALTH Unplugged 2015

Darry Edwards and Jerry Dhillon are friends, entrepreneurs, passionate about health and optimizing Humans, and the founders of HEALTH Unplugged. I sat down with them on a busy Sunday to talk about what it takes to pull off an international conference on all things health and Paleo.

We talked about the event itself, but also about the joys and tribulations that come with trying to live your passions, and the status of the paleo and primal movements in Europe.

Some of my favorite questions had to do with the masochism that is inherent in trying to pull off a gathering of this scale, the impact this has had on their relationship as friends, but also why they are so passionate about this event. I won’t lie, their answers to the last questions stirred an awareness in me of what the Paleo tribe and these types of events have brought into my life… I might even have gotten a bit teary eyed.

Whether you are into Paleo or not, whether you can attend Health Unplugged 2015 or not, this candid interview of two guys crazy and dedicated enough to want to turn the tides in Europe is worth watching.

HEALTH Unplugged 2015:
WHEN: October 31st and November 1st, 2015
WHERE: London, UK
Twitter @UnpluggedHealth
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