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PODCAST – Life in Focus Episode 10 Dan Edwardes – “Pursue purpose rather than happiness”

dan_batman-jump-quote-1This week’s episode features Dan Edwardes. Dan is a founder of Parkour Generations, one of the foremost international parkour organization, as well as a co-creator of A.D.P.T™ and Movement Fitness Specialist™ certifications.

Despite my recent fascination with the art, philosophy and practice of this skill, in Episode 10 of Life in Focus Dan and I address finding purpose and meaning in what you do, and  discuss how it ties into happiness. He shares his own journey from being  a Cambridge scholar, to studying martial arts in Japan and Asia and eventually getting into parkour, where he has made a thriving career of teaching and promoting this art of movement internationally. We explore how to know what’s right for you when you don’t have a specific direction, examine the nature of fear, and discuss how to move beyond it to thrive.

If you have ever wondered how to move forward with life when you’re not entirely sure where you want to be in the end, this is the episode for you!


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Take home:

  • You don’t always need to know where you are heading to end up right where you need to be.
    “If you enjoy the process of what you do, and it is right for you, it will lead you exactly where you need to be.”
  • Pursue a purpose rather than happiness.
    “If you pursue a purpose, happiness will ensue from that. […] Happiness just ensues as a result of  being purposeful and feeling, therefore, that you are achieving something and are worth something.”
  • Fear is a construct of the mind. It is not the danger itself, but the anticipation of it and the revisiting of what could have been.
  • To conquer fear is to master your thoughts.
  • Once you realize that you always have a choice in any situation, you’re probably pretty wealthy; wealth is found in being free mentally.
You don’t need to know exactly what you want, to get where you need to be, but you do need to understand what is right for you. Grab your FREE copy of the Focus Map and start building that definition.

About Dan Edwardes:

dan.edwardes_1431382863_77Dan Edwardes is a founder and director of Parkour Generations, the world’s leading parkour organisation with operations in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Co-creator of the global A.D.A.P.T™ and Movement Fitness Specialist™ Certifications and the groundbreaking Mov’ Programs, Dan is also an expert in several fighting arts and author of The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook.

It’s simply impossible to condense any individual’s life into a biography on a single page. How to know what to pick out and what to exclude..? Some of the most important aspects of any life, those things that really shape who we are, happen in just one moment and are impossible to explain in a few sentences. I’m someone fortunate enough, or crazy enough, to pursue the things I love and to make them fill my days. I’ve always been blessed with incredible friends and am surrounded by some of the strongest, finest and most dedicated people in the world with whom I ‘work’ at Parkour Generations. I try to live as simply as possible and to be fully present in any given moment or endeavour. When not training I spend my time adventuring, exploring, reading, writing and remembering to breathe.” Dan Edwardes

You can find out more about Dan and Parkour here:
Parkour Generations: website/twitter/Facebook
Dan on Twitter
Dan’s personal blog


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