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Good Things Never Come Easily

Good Things Never Come Easily

“Nothing in this world worth having comes easy!” – Bob Kelso Scrubs

If you have ever watched an episode of Scrubs, you will know Bob Kelso as the grumpy, cold- hearted, self-important, and jaded Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital.  This line comes from an episode where he is, in his own way, trying to motivate one of the patients on his floor to take control of her health despite the hurdles she knows she is going to face. Beyond the entertainment value of Scrubs, I love this particular episode because it highlights a simple truth, one that is too forgotten.

Luck is important, but not really what one wants to rely upon to achieve their goals.

As a society, we have come to expect that too much is due to us, that we have a right to thrive and be happy, that there is or should be a magic bullet for any and all ailments that befalls us and that we should be able to achieve great things with little effort.

Unfortunately for us, those expectations too often contribute to our overall sense of helplessness, frustration, anxiety, and at times despair. I have the privilege of working with countless individuals who are committed to their health and growth. They have come to my office, often scared, lost, unsure of how to help themselves, but nonetheless committed to doing something about it. I have also worked with people who, feeling likewise, expect two or three sessions and a few words of wisdom or epiphanies to fix their problems. With both types of individuals, as weeks go by and gains come slowly, there are often moments of doubt and fear that their situation is hopeless. The latter group, however, suffers much more during this transitional period, as they begin to grasp that their expectations for a quick fix or a magic bullet are unrealistic.

Expecting change to come easily often leads to passivity and a sense of helplessness. Good things don’t come easily; health, well-being and success (true success) are achieved through work, perseverance, patience, planning and yes, sometimes luck plays a role in it too. Understanding this allows us to have realistic expectations about our control and our ability to influence our destiny. We are fortunate because we have the capacity to create change. Through our choices and our actions we can deliberately steer our life in the direction we want it to go.

Master of your own destiny

Yes, circumstances and situational factors may stand in our way, but they do not have to dictate the entire course of our lives. Likewise, we should not wait for others (society, modern medicine, weight loss formulas or anything else) to change things for us. Now is our opportunity,  now is the time to decide what we want and need and how we can get there. Nothing in the world worth having comes easy!

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