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The A-Z of an Inspired Life

the-a-to-zof-an-inspired-lifeAn inspired life is a life that has you waking up most mornings looking forward to your day. An inspired life is not something that requires amazing adventures and uncommon feats. You could be a stay at home parent, living in the suburbs, with a white picket fence, 2.1 kids and a golden retriever, and be living an inspired life.

A life is inspired and inspiring when it is a true representation of the person you are, the person you want to be, and the things that matter most to you. For some this means traveling the world and living like a nomad, for others it’s a cozy weekend night playing board games with a group of good friends.

No matter what your definition of inspiring is, it requires work, attention, dedication and insight to build such a life.

From A to Z, here are 26 things we think are part of creating and living an inspiring life!

Art of Nothing (AoN) – the very fine, essential, and essentially lost art of sitting down and doing nothing at all. AoN can be taught and is a really simple way of restoring balance, regaining control and reclaiming peace in your life, without all the pressure of meditation. Sign up here for the FREE Art of Nothing & day email tutorial

Boundaries – boundaries are the rules and expectations you set with yourself and others. They are the key to healthy relationships, because they clearly define what you need, want and expect. Have the courage and strength to set clear boundaries with the people in your life. Rather than creating distance, boundaries will help grow and strengthen your relationships, because they are an expression of your authentic self.

Change – the one thing we all seem to want and fear at the same time. We change and evolve throughout our entire lifespan. Because of that we need to regularly check-in and evaluate who have become and what we need, not just in our youth, but throughout life.

Dreams – dreaming is an important part of growing and achieving greatness. The most successful people are dreamers and visionaries. Many of us give up dreaming, because the things we dream of seem impossibly unlikely. But for every dream you have, there is a real-life expression, a version of that dream that can be achieved and woven in to your normal day to day.

Excitement – the thing you used to feel when, as a kid,  you woke up in the morning and the world was full of possibilities. Trust me when I say you can make life – regular, bill-paying, going-to-work-everyday life – exciting again. Check out how you can create a life you won’t need a vacation from.

Fear – humanity’s #1 emotional roadblock. Think you don’t base some of your choices on fear? Check again, and read this pretty cool post about the benefits of fear.

Goals – the concrete expressions and sub-steps of your dreams. To be truly satisfying  and motivating goals need to be based on needs that are meaningful, relevant and right for you.  Check out this Podcast Series A Glimpse of LīF go through LīF process (light) to set and work towards a goal that inspires you.

Hope – there is hope, there are opportunities, if your life is not what you expected, if you find yourself wondering where things went wrong you can still make changes that are right for you – whether you are 25 or 62.

Insight – The deep and clear understanding of what is right for you. Insight is a MUST have if you want to live an inspiring life. Cultivate insight about who you are, what you need and what is right for you right now, and use that insight to set goals, create plans and build an inspired life.  Click here build your insight.

Junkie – we are junkies of one kind or another. Addicted to sugar, caffeine, social media, our phones. When you are a junkie life becomes a series of reaction not choices. The course of your day, the actions you take don’t serve you, they serve another master. What’s your drug of choice? Check out this great post on Info Junkies

Kit – the LīF (pronounced life) Kits are the culmination of 15+ years of work helping people feel and live better. The Kits were designed as stand alone coaching programs. They bring Life in Focus coaching to everyone at a super affordable price, and in an easy to access format. Check them out: DIY, group or 1:1 the LīF Kits is at the center of the Life in Focus coaching process.

Life in Focus – A life in focus is a life lived with authenticity and purpose. It is a life that is informed by choices and actions that aren’t just right, but right for you. Life in Focus is my business, it’s a philosophy and it is the way I live my life. Watch this super short video to see what I mean.

Moments of Bliss – those small daily moments that simply and easily make you feel joy and goodness – things like a perfect cup of coffee, the smell of decomposing leaves, the right song during your commute, the smile of a friendly stranger… Cultivate Moments of Bliss to increase joyfulness, satisfaction and wonderment.

Not just right, right for you – is the Life in Focus motto. It’s not enough to make choices that feel right, or that are right for others, the most important thing you can do for yourself to improve your quality of life is to look at every choice you make and ask yourself if it is right for you. Read this to make sure you know how to tell between the two.

Oxytocin – A really important hormone that is associated with bonding, trust and happiness. Building relationships (live ones) with the people in your life and community is a huge part of living an inspiring life. Make eye contact, see friends, in person, hold and hug the people you love for 6 seconds or more and boost you oxytocin levels, not to mention your community support.

Parkour – Okay, maybe you don’t need to pick up parkour to live an inspired life, but for me choosing this sometimes crazy, always demanding, and unusual passion is an example of choosing right for me. Check out post on making a jump and see how a choice, any choice, can teach you so much about yourself.

Quiet – Silence is very hard to find in a world where we are constantly bombarded by sound, sights and stimulation. Experiencing quiet moments is essential to good mental health and is super helpful when you are trying to check-in with yourself to build insight. See why you might want to build quiet in your day right here.

Roadblocks – The situations, thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and emotions that hold us back from acting on choices that are right for us and reaching our goals to build a great life.

Satisfaction – That deep, complete sense of having gotten “it” right. Satisfaction should not be confused with happiness, it is far more stable and important and can be attained by making choices and following a path that is based on your needs, rather than your wants.

Thrive – It means to grow and prosper, and can only happen when you are challenged by life and its circumstances. You can live or you can thrive, it’s the difference between okay and amazing. What do you choose?

Underwhelmed – an unacceptable way of living life. If you would describe most days as only as okay or alright, chances are you are underwhelmed. Check out LīF a DIY or 1:1 coaching process to help you build some excitement and deep satisfaction in your life.

Vocal – be vocal, speak up. One of the main tenets of my personal manifesto is speak in truth:  Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t hold back from sharing your thoughts, feelings and needs just to be ‘nice’ By speaking up you honor others and you honor yourself. Listen to this podcast on the topic and get the script and become more assertive.

Wonderment – that super precious quality that we too often lose in childhood that allowed us to look at the world with awe, hope and a sense of limitless possibilities. Check out [I] for insights and [M] for Moments of Bliss to figure out how to recapture it.

X –treme!!! In today’s world we try to do everything bigger, better, longer… extreme living is not living at all, it’s being caught up in a never-ending competition to outdo yourself and everyone else. Do your best to slow down, to think small sometimes, to understand the impact that tiny changes can have on your life. Don’t react to life, live it!

You – you are the expert! It’s easy to think that other people hold the answers that you seek, but the only person who can tell you what you need to feel truly satisfied and live a life that’s right for you is staring at you in the mirror. Check out this podcast and get some tips on how to draw out your expertise.

Zzz – sleep or lack thereof can be held responsible for many people’s anxiety, depression and overall sense of fatigue an malaise. Don’t wait until you die to rest, rest now so you’ll die later and age more gracefully.

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