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The Ultimate Guide to Better Dating

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Modern day dating is like eating at a high-end buffet.

In theory you have an immense selection of amazing choices, the possibilities are varied, and you should leave the table satisfied, having found exactly what you need and want.

In reality, the sheer number of options is overwhelming. Although there is a lot you want, there is also a ton of options on that menu that aren’t right for you. The ‘let’s try a bite of everything’ approach leaves you underwhelmed and possibly even sick. In the end, the whole thing just leaves you feeling yucky, disappointed, and wanting to crawl under your covers to retreat from the world.

Just like eating at a swanky buffet, the solution for a successful dating experience is not to wander aimlessly and try a smattering of everything. The secret to a great dating or dining experience is knowing what you are hungry for, and being really clear about what you need to be satisfied!

What did you come for?

Dating is like anything else, there are many reasons you might choose to try it, and what you want to get out of it should determine what to look for.

A night or a lifetime?

Are you looking for your soul mate, or do you just want to hook-up? Do you want someone who’s fun for now, or are you seeking deep passionate love? Although most of us are will ultimately want some kind of long-term love affair, different stages of life mean different priorities.

Once you’re clear about why you’re in the dating game, then you can start to define who is right for you.

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Don’t drop those high standards!

I am done hearing people complain about dating the wrong people, only to find out that they have made their dating profiles or standards so loose that anyone with a pulse and decent hygiene could qualify for the job! If you’re tired of going on crappy dates with ill-fitting people, then set better expectations; tighten your profile.

Oh, I hear the objections already, actually I hear them all time.

“But, Alessandra if I do that I’m never going to meet someone!”

“I’m already struggling to find someone I like, if I make my profile too specific I’m going to miss out one someone who’d be great for me.”

“All my friends, relatives and colleagues are telling me I should lower my standards.”

Earth shattering, toe curling insights!It all comes down to that first question: what’s bringing you to the dating buffet?

Are you just looking to get laid? Well then, make your criteria as broad as possible. As long as they are healthy, and attractive you’ve hit the jackpot.

Looking for someone to hang out, have fun with, and then eventually see where things go from there? Then you need to be more specific. Attractive and healthy, yes, but they also need to share similar interests, and a basic set of common values. After all, you do want to enjoy spending time together outside the bedroom.

Are you after your one and only? Be picky! Set high standards. Make sure that your profile, and your expectations match exactly what you need and who you are.

Create the perfect dating profile and/or land a great date!

If you want to enjoy your dating buffet, you need to be clear on several points:

  1. know what you’re looking for,
  2. know the bare minimum that person has to do/be  for (1) to work, and
  3. know what you actually need (not just kind of want) from a relationship so you stop wasting your time on suboptimal candidates.

Interestingly, the same goes for life.

You can have an okay life, with a smattering of really tasty experiences, and a lot of less-than-stellar courses. Or, you can have a truly delectable life, that offers great flavor, balance, and hits the spot in the most satisfying of ways. You must start off by knowing what you’re looking for, then identify what you need to make it happen, and only then will you start making choices that are right for you.

Life’s a tall order, and today we are focusing on dating, so download the FREE PDF  “The Ultimate Guide to Better Dating”. It has all the steps  you need to create a great dating profile, one that will get you a partner that’s right for you. Just click the image link and get better dates today. No more crappy buffets.

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