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Quick TIP for change: Visualize Success

Visualize success

Visualizing being done with these..argh!

The way you think shapes your actions! IT’s a fundamental principle of sports psychology…

We’re always so motivated  at the beginning of a challenge or the outset of creating change – there is something exciting about committing to a goal at first- but after a while the novelty wears, other aspects of life creep back in to the foreground and motivation wanes.

Here’s a quick tip to keep motivation going and guarantee success.

In order to succeed, you must first see

When you set a goal hopefully you break that goal down into small, realistic, and achievable steps (this is called operationalizing your goal). In determining those steps, you’re actually already beginning to envision what success looks like. It’s a great and necessary step to getting where you’re trying to go, but sometimes, even those small steps require a lot of motivation to complete.

One way great athletes and many of the visionaries of our world stay motivated is by learning to visualize their success. They don’t think about the what ifs of failure and obstacles, but rather see the potential and possibility of greatness. You can use these same skills by developing the active practice of visualizing yourself reaching your goal on a daily basis.

Why seeing is believing and doing

  1. By visualizing your outcome you keep it in the forefront of your mind, just the way it was in the beginning when you were really motivated to work on it.
  2. Every time you visualize your success you rehearse it in your mind. This is a large part of the reason why athletic coaches push for this. As you see yourself succeeding you mentally practice reaching your goal, you feel it, you connect with it. There is significant value in this.
  3. Your thoughts ultimately direct your action. I have written about this a few times before here and here. I refer to these two posts all the time with coaching clients and therapy patients a alike, so I recommend you take a look at them too.

So if you have a goal you are currently working on, what is it that you are going to picture in your mind? Share your visualization with us…

Oh, and by the way, this is how I finished that competition


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