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Weekend morning musings

It’s Saturday morning and I finally have what might be a few minutes to catch up on the blogosphere. This is a ritual that I look forward to every week. It is my equivalent of reading the Sunday paper – light. Of course, the world is conspiring to make this difficult.

fcade2_adf6b945f7ac4f849e5bac6d45619a11.jpg_srb_p_324_486_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Our coffee maker is slowly dying and requires three resets just to brew six cups of coffee. This ongoing issues has required a thorough investigation on the best drip coffee maker out there (apparently our current model is no longer manufactured properly) and a stop on Amazon to purchase it. The children, my alarm clock, are already in the full swing of their day which means fights need to be ignored or broken up, dozens of requests to find, build or fix toys are already being fielded, and disappointed sulking faces are looking up at me each time I say no to playing video games or turning on the TV. For reasons unknown to me my lap appears to be prime real estate for said children or the dog’s head, and it is only a matter of time before the whole household begins to clamor for breakfast.

This is life with children, I would not give it up for anything, but I do miss quiet cups of coffee, slow silent mornings and having a free lap once in a while. This is why, periodically, weekends without the children have become a must. What is your weekend morning ritual? Do you have one? How often do you get to indulge in it, and if things come in your way what will you do to reclaim it?

At least one of us gets to enjoy a hot cup of coffee>>

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