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What do the wealthy have that you don’t?

Money, and lots of it of course! So money is the key to wealth, right? With money comes purchasing power and thus the ability to surround oneself with a whole bunch of nifty and beautiful things. If we are to believe the countless magazines, blogs and TV shows about the rich and famous, money and the things it buys are the key to happiness.

money + unabashed consumerism = wealth

The sad part about it is that many if not most of us buy into this view. We work hard day in and day out, often times foregoing time with friends and family neglecting our health and our desires because we want to feel wealthy. We want to feel that our lives are rich and meaningful and we are taught that this is done through the accumulation of financial wealth.

What if we shift perspectives a bit: What do wealthy people have that you don’t? Money, and lots of it of course! With this money they have the opportunity to live life the way they really want to. They can work when and how they wish. They can take time off to be with friends, family, children or to do the things they love and are passionate about. They can put time aside to focus on their health and get the help they need to build healthy habits into their lives. Their real wealth does not come from their ability to buy things, but rather the ability to actually live their life in the manner they see fit.

 living life as you mean to = wealth

Real wealth is about having the luxury to live your life as you mean to. What would you  do with real wealth? What would your life look like if you lived it the way you were meant to?

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