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What does it mean to thrive? Two podcasts to answer one question

I was very fortunate, in recent months, to be invited to speak as a guest on two amazing podcasts. If you haven’t yet listened to these, I highly recommend checking them out and subscribing to both. While you’re at it, you can also check out the Life in Focus Podcast, and subscribe to that one too.

Harder to kill Harder To Kill Radio, by host Steph Gaudreau, explores what it takes to become harder to kill, stronger, healthier and all around better.

Steph does this not from a single point of view, but rather by discussing the topic with a vide variety of guest, all of whom have their own definitions and prescriptions to achieve this state.

Check out this Episode! Here’s what we talked about:

  • How people can feel overwhelmed by their own interests.
  • Steps to find more balance in your life.
  • How you can use a big dream to create a realistic path to fulfillment
  • What “life procrastination” is and how to avoid it.
  • What it means to thrive vs. survive.
  • How to deal with setbacks.


real food mamasThe Second: Real Food Mamas Podcast, hosted by Aglaée Jacob and Steph Greunke addresses all things motherhood, from eating to rest, health to exercise and of course, figuring out how to deal with the demands of parenthood.

Check out this Episode! Steph, Aglaée and I talk about:

  • Why is parenting so tricky?
  • Ways to make the transition to parenthood more smooth.
  • Why have we become so out of touch with our needs.
  • How to figure out what you need. The practice of doing “nothing.”
  • What do you do if you don’t know what your needs are?
  • What can we do to not feel guilty about taking time for ourself.
  • Actionable steps moms can take to create balance and live their ideal life.


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