Your Career Your Way

"I have a roadmap of actionable tools to define what I want out of my own career path, all the way to the C-suite..."
Abby Hogan
Fintech Attorney


A Coaching Accelerator For Women Who Expect More

6 Next-Level Skills To Level-Up Your Career

For professional women and entrepreneurs who are tired of being best kept secrets and are ready to show up powerfully and build a career that’s right for them.


What Next Level Skills Do You Need?


  • Define right for you, make strategically sound decisions in your career and set boundaries that work for you. Get focused and work towards goals that work for you.
  • Understand your value, and communicate it in a way that makes you unforgettable, without cringing. Be valued and hired to do what you love and excel at.
  • Craft and share your personal brand consistently across all your interactions. Be known for the qualities that matter most to you.
  • Build relationships and professional networks that are filled with people who get you and want you to succeed. Access the opportunities you want without joining the ” good ol’ boys’ club”.
  • Show up as a thought leader. Get the word out there, you are an expert at what you do, and someone to look out for.
  • Embrace great self-care habits – the kind that you can actually work into your real life. Avoid burnout as your career takes off.


"Your Career Your Way was a game changer for me.

I sought the program to get helpful prompts to guide my career development process.

What I received was SO MUCH MORE!
Guided tools, a wonderful community of women BOSSES, and super helpful group sessions!

These are all tools I return to at least once a month. Wait! I can't forget about the responsive individual coaching with Alessandra that's above an BEYOND what anyone else is providing!"
Dr. Monique Mendoza
Program Director - The Black Girl Doctor
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" I've been wanting to transition out of my current company since the beginning of this year...what is so wonderful is that I got all 3 of my top #non-negotiables and it was through these sessions that I realized what I truly wanted."
Strategic Communications Advisor
"One of the best things I've done for my career in a long time!"
Kristina Hysler
Environmental Strategist and Global Leader

So Much Can Happen When You Understand Your Value

Doing more isn’t what makes you stand out; it won’t get you promoted, and it’s not really valued – but you already knew that.

What works is gaining absolute clarity around your needs.

What works is articulating your value, clearly and confidently communicating what your expectations, and broadcasting those things far and wide. 

Do this well and you’ll be able to…

🙌  raise your hand for jobs that are right for you, and say no to the ones that aren’t.

🙌  quiet – or even eliminate – imposter syndrome

🙌  formulate a clear & focused plan for your career

🙌  walk into any room, face any audience, (boardrooms, team rooms, interviews…), and confidently explain why YOU are exceptional.

🙌   access better opportunities and get a seat and a voice at the right tables. 

When, What, How?

YCYW’s 6 skills can dramatically up-level your career.

Start Date: 14 February, 2022 

Duration: 7 sessions over 9 weeks

Spots: 20 members total

What you can expect:

  • Easy-to-navigate videos and worksheets on to help you cement these skills
  • Weekly group coaching sessions.
  • Two Individual coaching sessions to address anything you need and build a brand that reflects your brilliance.
  • A professional network of accomplished women to support and elevate your progress. 

Investment: Single payment of $1439 or
 3-monthly payments of $565

"Alessandra's suite of next-level skills has helped me better understand what "right" means for me and prioritize the tasks that will give me the biggest bang-for-buck in accelerating the momentum of my individual development. "
Amy Ho
Business Strategy & Initiatives Executive - Merrill Lynch