Back to Me


Does this sound familiar?

40% of Americans suffer from some form of anxiety, and the numbers for the rest of the Western world aren’t much different. It’s no wonder. We have made our lives so busy and frantic that we’ve lost the ability to make time for and take care of ourselves. 

We’re overbooked, overworked, and over stimulated!

The smartest, most driven and successful women I know think they have to be everything to everyone in order to stay on top and on track with their ambitions. This kind of thinking might have helped them push hard, but in the long run, all they get is burnt out.

Truth: If you want to be as successful as you deserve to be, then you’re going to have to put yourself first.

It’s time to get back to what’s most’ important; YOU!

What if you could get there in 4 weeks or less without guilt or stress?

Back to Me!

It’s time to make ‘YOU’ a priority again!

If you want to create that break,

to catch your breath and slow things down enough to get your bearings, get your copy of Back to Me.


Back to Me shows you where you might be going wrong in each of these areas, and what balance and reclaiming your life can look like.

Get 4 weeks of tips, challenges and tricks to create the changes you want to see.

What the book is:

What the book is not

When you learn to pay attention to yourself and stop dismissing fatigue, lack of motivation and feeling overwhelmed as normal parts of adulthood, then you can start understanding what you need to make choices that are right for you.

When you make choices that are right for you,

life get’s exciting again, overbooked and underwhelmed become a thing of the past, and the life you live is one you look forward to every day.​​

Grab your copy of Back to Me TODAY and start reconnecting with what matters.

It’s just $7.99

Back to Me was written with you in mind to help you restore balance and regain control.

Just 5 minutes-a-day for the next four weeks to build the mindset and habits that will put you back in first place on your to-do list.

Back to Me gives you the right tools to reclaim what is yours; your life!

Back to Me is yours for $7.99, that’s the cost of a fancy coffee drink, it’s less than a glass of wine, cheaper than a movie ticket, and WAY MORE SATISFYING than all of those combined.

What's the point of working hard to build a great life if you can't enjoy it?

Who would have thought that being an adult would be so hard?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just slow things down a bit, get back in touch with how you’re feelings and what you need?

No one can make your life better for you. Actually, almost everyone else in your life is going to look to you to help them. The solutions you seek are not found in others.

If you want to regain control and restore balance, you have to choose to get back to you.

Only you can slow things down, set priorities that make sense to you, and silence all the noise and chaos of the world.

No one should:

"Life in Focus helped me embrace a new version of myself."

“For more than 10 years, I wore the titles of “pr pro,” “marketer,” or “communicator” with bravado. I knew what those titles meant and required. It wasn’t until I added the “momma” title into my repertoire that I was navigating new waters and couldn’t paint a clear picture of how to balance the old with the new.

As a mother and small business owner, Alessandra understood the challenges I was facing. Her approach to coaching allowed me to verbalize what my challenges were. Once identified, we outlined solutions, and I was able to focus on a more manageable list of actions.

While I am now more comfortable and confident with my blended roles, Alessandra continues to hold me accountable and remains an invaluable sounding board.”
Meghan Letherman
creator of CrossFit and Pregnant, PR pro at M. Leatherman Consluting