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“In an era of talent scarcity, attracting and retaining skilled millennial women will be crucial.”

Aoife Flood
Senior Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion Programme Office PWC

Nothing kills progress like limiting the sharing of ideas.

No matter what industry you work in, an employee who doesn’t share her ideas, and who can’t openly or clearly communicate her thoughts is an employee who cannot fully contribute to the progress, success, or the bottom line of your company.

Women make up roughly 53% of the workforce, but only 4% of CEOs, and 25% of executives despite being highly educated, ambitious, and dedicated to their work.

But that’s about to change, as economic, political, and social forecasters predict that women and especially Millennial women (25% of the workforce in 2020) are going to be at the forefront of economic growth, innovation, and leadership.

"Women and millennials are the biggest disruptors in business.

Twenty years from now, how and when we work will all be because of the business models put in place by this generation."

– Andrea Loubier, CEO of Mailbird

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Today’s women want to play an instrumental role in the growth, prosperity, and leadership of their companies.

Yet study after study shows that despite a desire to lean in, many still struggle to speak up and show up confidently. And it’s no wonder; these same studies indicate that when women do speak up, they’re often unheard and undervalued.

 A professional who doesn’t share her ideas or can’t openly or clearly communicate her thoughts cannot fully contribute to the progress, success, of her team.

A team that doesn’t communicate, is a team that cannot work together.

That means that you are losing priceless talent, productivity, and profit because your team members aren’t confident about how to share their thoughts or communicate their needs assertively, and aren’t being heard.

Nothing kills progress like limiting the sharing of ideas.

Inspired employees produce at 250% compared to disengaged (71%) or satisfied (100%) employees (¹). If companies want to retain this generation of super-educated, competent, and highly driven women, they will need to improve communication skills across the corporate ladder and adapt leadership practices.

Is your business doing everything it needs to attract and retain this generation of super bright, talented, and driven women?

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